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As reported in Newsday

Jury Awards $2 Million to Plaintiff in bellwether First  Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit.

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In recent vaginal mesh lawsuit news, a jury in Georgia has awarded a woman $2 million for her serious bladder mesh injuries. Covered in this vaginal mesh lawsuit verdict is $1.75 million in punitive damage and  250,000 in compensatory damagess. The victim of the vaginal mesh injuries alleged the injury due to the vaginal mesh implant included perforation to her internal organs, vaginal scarring, pelvic pain and pain during intercourse. According to court documents, the plaintiff’s vaginal mesh complications were so debilitating that she suffered significant negative impacts to her quality of life and eventually had to have the mesh removed.

The verdict in the two-week trial for this vaginal mesh lawsuit  was reached after the jury had reportedly deliberated for around 12 hours. Also reported in Newsday was that this is the first verdict in the first bellwether case to go to trial of the four selected bellwether cases that will be litigated back-to-back in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of West Virginia and that will be presided over by Judge Joseph Goodwin.

Apparently this has concluded involved trial process, as apparently the first attempt to litigate this case ended with a mistrial in July 2013 when Judge Goodwin ruled that a witness’ testimony was prejudicial. Will this  jury’s ruling be a determining factor and influence   future trends for the more than 5,000 bladder mesh lawsuits that have already been filed against  this particular manufacturer.  During the trial, the plaintiff’s lawyers argued that the manufacturer was aware that its bladder mesh posed a serious risk to women and that, despite this fact, the company failed to warn the public about these risks.


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